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Apr. 6th, 2017 09:57 am
Okay.... Going to try Backing up all the important posts I have in from my personal LJ, and RP accounts. So this DW will have the other posts that don't belong in [personal profile] honou_no_izumi 
Taken from the Nano Dreamwidth...

- There's more where that comes from... but I find this one particularly useful for mine. 8D
Silla Info

Real King Jinheung trivia
Family relationships

Useful refs for:

Hwarang Poet Warrior Youth
Queen Seondeok
Nowadays... I needed to remember that this LJ exist for my random writing stuffs...
But then posting on Tumblr has started to become a habit now...

And since I'm on Descendants of the Sun binge right now.... might as well set aside some of the ref links I've been collecting for a while. So far, aside from my own and the random fics I saw online... there wasn't really much DOTS fics can be found. But for those who wants to write any... this should be a good resource.

Comparative military ranks of Korea - with lists on South Korean, North Korean, US Army ranks
- I really feel this was really a good ref points. Cos honestly... I got tired of seeing people giving the characters wrong ranks et al. I mean.... Seo Daeyoung's rank is Master Sergeant. Not Sergeant Major. Know who's actually a Sergeant Major in the show (at least one of them)? It's Yoo Sijin's dad. How do I know? I zero-ed in on his rank badge and cross-ref here.

Korea Military Academy
- might need this in future... not much wiki info here tho atm. But hey... this is useful.

Might add some more here if anything pops up

Useful refs for:
Descendants of the Sun

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